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Using SEO Tools for Beginners- How to Write an Article?

Do you want to prepare SEO friendly content for your website? Well, you guys are surely in the right place as today in this article we are going to help you learn all about the online tools that can help you write an article, especially if you have just entered this business or are planning on starting your own business. We want you guys to read this article till the end so that you can get all the tips and techniques related to optimizing your article. You must know that the seo technique is the one that refers to increasing your ranking position in the listings of the search engine, but to make sure that you can apply the seo technique on your website content, it is important that you prepare the content capable of the optimization!

Now below, we have discussed some seo tools that will help you prepare content that will increase the number of audiences on your webpage, eventually increasing the business!

Topic generator tool by Buzzsumo!

The first part that you need to consider while preparing content is to make sure that you write on an attractive topic, now the online topic generator tools can help you get titles for your work that you plan on writing on, we want you guys to know that the getting a unique title does not only helps you in planning your content but also helps you in the simple attraction of the organic traffic on the search engine. You must understand that an attractive title is the first step that helps you in attaining a better seo score and increased business.

Now the use of the topic generator tools is very much easy especially if we talk about the one by Buzzsumo, and you should know that you just have to enter the idea of the keywords similar to your idea, and the tool will get you a list of all the attractive topics!

Keyword finder and position checker tools!

Now the next seo tool that we would recommend you use is related to keywords. Keywords are the most important part of your work, and you should know that no matter how dashing and attractive your content is if you are not using the right keywords in your work you won’t be able to index your work with the search engine as the search engines can only cater and rank the contents that have relative and top-ranked keywords stuffed in them.

Now the keyword related tools by the search engine reports are the ones that you should use to get the best kind of keywords that would be the best fit for your work. You just have to enter the title of the niche of your work, and the keyword finder tool will get you a complete list of the most top-ranked words with respect to different search engines!

Plagiarism checker tool by the Small SEO Tools!

Although small seo tools are considered to be the best platform for every tool related to search engine optimization, readers must know that the plagiarism checker tool by is known to be one of the most premium tools on the web.

The checking of your work for plagiarism is very much important, and without the use of plagiarism checker tools, your work is just a fail. You must understand that if your work is having the slightest percentage of plagiarism in your content would not be ranked by the search engine, neither you would be able to optimize it with different seo techniques. When you have written your work, it is always important that you check it for accidental or intentional plagiarism using reliable plagiarism detector tools. The plagiarism checker tool can help you detect plagiarism in your work for free and without any formalities!

Backlink maker tool by dupli!

Now you must have heard about duplichecker, there are many seo tools by dupli, but the backlink maker tool is known to be one of the best ones on the internet. Backlinks are the signals and the direction that you post on different websites for attracting the audience on those websites to your webpage. This is also known as getting the vote of confidence by reputed websites on the web. Now making backlinks is not that easy as it sounds like. Rather it is a difficult job and is also expensive, but if you use the best backlink maker tools, then you can get the best quality links for free.

 The use of these tools is also very easy, and you just have to enter the URL or the domain address of the webpage in the tool to get the list of links! Make sure you use this tool after preparing and checking your content, as this is one of the most efficient ways of ranking and optimizing your webpage!